Strawberry Edging 4 1/2″ Border Pattern


Ummm! Fresh, juicy Strawberries.

Let’s make some shortcake!


The Strawberry Edging 4 1/2″ pattern actually contains  3 in 1, with Simply Strawberries (strawberries & leaves) and Strawberry Runners (strawberries w/ leaves and blossoms) both 2.5″ sashing patterns.  All these patterns can be used on a short-arm machine. Or of course; long-arm.

But, I use them to adjust for quilt sizes when putting together a wholecloth layout.  Strawberry Fields 11″ is the main overall pattern with a lovely big 8″ Scalloped Strawberry Ribbons Border. See some possibilities in the attached view.  Hurry and get the whole Strawberry Set for 20% OFF.

We’re letting this lovely pattern have a rest.  We will sell the paper copies until they are gone.  It will continue to be available as a PDF.

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