Sweet Pine Quilt PDF


A Fun Mock-torial 



“I think I’ve always loved pinecones.  In California we would drive up into the San Gabriel Mountains and breathe in the sweet smell of pine and the pinecones they sported.  Even here in Kansas there were pine trees in the park across from our historic 3-story house on Ft Leavenworth where we gathered pinecones for decorating. Isn’t it fun to see their different shapes and sizes?

The Quilt:   I haven’t had much time this fall for finishing quilts, but I’m loaded with ideas.  One is this great little Sweet Pine Quilt.  It measures 74 x 78 using 2” squares (2 1/2 cut).  This is the measure by which I’ll give all my directions.  (Be aware that in the 74 x 78” size the largest pinecone would be a big 12” square.)  But you could resize it in any way you wanted from 37 x 39 with 1” sq. and 55.5 x 58.5 with 1 1/2” squares.”

You’ll get full instructions in this Mock-torial.  “The Quilting:   I first sketched out this quilt design when I was drawing….”

The first PDF did not have “How to make the circle” instructions.  If you downloaded that version you can download again, or just view the picture I’ve attached to this post.


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