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Can You Stretch Panels for digital Judy Lyon Pictograms

Can you adjust the length of  MeadowLyon’s (Judy Lyon) Digital Pictogram panels? Yes, but consider the appearance of the   images.  To help in your decision here are some adjusted pictures showing how 3 patterns; “Rainforest,”  “Fishy business,”  & “Backwoods” would look if the panels were shrunk (shortened) or lengthened to fit a quilt.  In your case the change may not be as drastic depending on your needs. Of course enlarging or decreasing, while keeping the ratio the same will not change the shape of the images but only decrease or expand their size.  It’s also important to consider the “tightness” of your stitching. In a perfect world, none of these adjustments would have to made. But, let’s face it, every quilt is not planned to fit the stitching!
Note that the original paper size of most MeadowLyon’s Pictograms is 11″x 36″. The digital size is set at 12″ x 39.1″.

Judy Lyon Digital Pictograms (non-repeating pantos) are currently sold by these distributors: and
Find the link to their sites on MeadowLyon’s homepage.
Rainforest in it’s original is a busy jungle of tropical plants and animals. See more images on our “Rainforest” product listing.
This is pretty tight. But maybe you only need to decrease it to 90% in order to fit your quilt.
The stretched image may be acceptable. Of course, you will choose how far you may want to go.
Fishy business in the original proportions is a “full” pattern. See more pictures for reference here.
The stitching in this image is a bit tight. Hopefully you won’t feel like you have to go this far!
Here the stitching is loosened and I think the fish images are “all right.”
Backwoods as drawn is well proportioned. See more pictures showing it here.
This is how it would look shrunk to 75%. How far do you think you might need to change the length? And would it be acceptable based on these images?
Here the animals are noticeably “fattened,” but it may not be jarring stitched on a quilt.
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