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Brrr! January White Sale 15% OFF

 Brrr! Everything is snowy!   Let’s have a  JANUARY WHITE SALE    All white themed patterns 15% OFF through January.

jan 2014 sale and patterns text w snowman
January 2015 white sale

Isn’t it fun to build a snowman?  Here’s a cute SNOWMAN pillow designed for one of our birthday partys.  All the little girls made their own.  It was so fun.  This picture is the one my daughter finished.  Your kids can have fun with this too – even boys! It’s a FREE DOWNLOAD.

cuddly snowman pillow


Frothy Seas 2 of 4.5″Frothy Seas 11″, Frothy Seas 2 of 8″, Frothy Seas 15″, Frothy_Seas 8 “Meringue 11meringue pasteup trimmed

Snowscape 11″,snowscape croppedFlurry 10″Flurry

Birchbark 10″Birchbark snippet reducedMing Sea 6″Ming Sea - Border Closeup

Cloudy Skies 10It's a Cloudy Day. Air Show 10″air show cropped snippet

Calla Lily 8″or Calla Lily 11″ Calla Lily Border Ski Slopes 11″  ski slopes snippet

Winter Games 11″ winter games half-pipe reduced Winter Games BlocksWinter Games Block - WGB - Closeup

Clear Stream 11″ Clear-Stream-cropped-reduced Wedding Doves 11″Wedding Doves snippet

Salty Seas 8″ Salty Seas - Border Nor’easter 11″ Nor'easter snippet

Penguins on Parade 11Penguins on Parade - WholePenguins on Parade Blks Penguins on Parade Block - POPB - Closeup

Penguin Snowstorm Quilt  Penguin Snowstorm quilt cover mockStoneware Churn 10″Stoneware Churn one swirl cropped reduced

SnowBirds 11″ snowbirds snippet  Snowbird Borders 6″ snowbirds borders cropped short

Funny-Bones 10″,funny bones pasteupCottontails 10   Cottontails snippet

Whitewater 11″whitewater snippet Seafoam 4.5″, Seafoam 2 of 4.5″seafoam double row

4 thoughts on “Brrr! January White Sale 15% OFF

  1. Love your designs! You are such an artist! It was a thrill to meet you at “Quilting with Machines.” Wish you sold your designs digitally….

  2. Thanks Karen,
    It was fun meeting you as well. We do have all our patterns digitized and they are sold through
    Happy Quilting! Judy

  3. Hello Karen, my friend Barbie Lajti gave me your name as someone who I might contact to get 3 quilts finished.she speaks very highly of your work. My number is 419-707-4618 if you are able to help. My name is Trina Adkins thank you!

  4. Hello Trina, That is a very nice compliment but perhaps it is miss-directed since I am not Karen. Currently I live in Thailand and am serving an LDS church mission here. I’m sorry I cannot help in finishing your quilts. I’m sure they are lovely. Instead, I’m keeping an eye out for quilts over here and will have a fun new truck show when I return next year. I hope you find someone to help with your quilts. Sincerely, Judy Lyon

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