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*NEW* Cassettes 10″ PDF #2457


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Wow! If you’re “Over the Hill” like me you can remember carrying around little cassette players as we walked to school, etc. It was our equivalent of plugging into our phones, popping in some earbuds and rocking to our favorite playlist that we love to do to now. Focusing on the term “Modern,” has revived all those retro images and there is even fabric printed with cassettes on it.  A friend of mine used some to make a quilt and asked me to draw up a Panto for the stitching.  So get Modern, I mean Retro!

This pattern is non- interlocking so you can roll it straight down to begin new rows.

This is a PDF version of this fun pattern!  Download it, print it off on your home printer and tape the pieces together.

Looking for the paper roll version?  Find it here

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