Frosty 11″ Interlocking


11″ Interlocking Frost


“Frosted windowpanes…”  Have you seen frost growing on a glass window?  It spreads in little pointed fingers stretching out across the pane.  Sometimes you can peek through an undisturbed circle of clear glass in the middle.  That is what I envisioned with this fun dancing pattern.

Frosty is 11″ wide.  (Actually, the height/width is just under 11.”) The entire length of the repeat is 15.75″ long from tip to tip.  Of course, the length of the paper print is 12 feet.  Did this get confusing? Let’s just say it is 11″ wide x 12′ long like all our patterns.

I can’t wait to see how it spreads across your quilt.

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