Pumpkin-Mania Recipes


Recipes in Thanksgiving Colors!


From MeadowLyon Designs:   A small collection of tried + true recipes in Thanksgiving Colors.”  These are all recipes my family has loved over the years.  Some with new twists but mostly OLD favorites! 43 pages-40 recipes.

Most are sweets.  I guess that’s because we like them best.  But there are a few savory contributions too.  Admittedly, they all have a little sugar in them!  I had tons more “meaty” ideas, but these are the ones that made the “cut.”

NOTICE: today I added a new recipe for PUMPKIN CINNAMON ROLLS which I just “LOVE.”  It’s not in the PDF so copy the picture if you want it.  Also if you did not get a copy of Grandmother Cherie Lyon’s rolls ( in the revised version) you can copy that pix.

So Embarrassed!! The “breakfast cake” recipe did not show the amounts for oil and margarine.  I have fixed the PDF, but if you got the earlier version attached is a picture of the correct recipe.



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