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Okay, but What is a Pictogram?

The great MeadowLyon Adventure began when we returned from living in Malaysia where Monkeys would sit on our shoulders at the park or steal our lunches. My son would lie on the floor pouring over animal books.  So I decided to make him a Rainforest Quilt to help him remember that wonderful adventure. I pieced it with tropical fabric and as I got deeper under the canopy used darker fabrics with bigger animals.  Finally I turned the trees upside down and pieced the lower ones with fish fabric.  Then I asked my friend Angela to quilt it for me – and put in birds and animals.  She said she’d be glad to quilt it, but I’d have to draw the pattern.  So I did.  I didn’t know it could repeat so I made it all different.  It became the basis for our first 4 “Pictograms.”  “Rainforest,” “Jungle,” Safari,” and “Fishy Business.” They were highly pictorial – almost a “Whole Cloth” pattern yet on an easy to use 12 ft. roll. Read more about Pictograms here.

Take a LOOK! How many animals, plants or landmarks can you spot in this quilt. See the full list on the Southwest Vistas page.

       “When I was a child, our family built a desert cabin in the high desert of California just outside Joshua Tree National Park. The boulders of Rattlesnake Hill behind the house were my playground.  Later as a college student I went with friends to explore rock formations of several western states.   I was at home on the desert rocks.  Recently when someone suggested I do a Southwest pattern I leaped right in.  It was fun remembering climbing on boulders, feeling the wind and chasing the jackrabbits.  Of course, there were plenty of giant Joshua trees and snakes, too. The adventure turned my thoughts to the fun times of my childhood. I drew all those memories into my “Southwest Vistas” pattern.  “Campout” and “Backwoods” are two other patterns that take me back to those happy-go-lucky days.  Didn’t you ever go camping as a child? Did your Dad make you sit in the boat for hours to catch fish?  With book in hand, it seemed like forever. That was tedious, but it’s fun to remember now. Re-discover such memories when you stitch pictorial Pictograms on your quilt!”

Here’s a complete list of all our Pictograms. Search by name HERE.

When you go to each post you’ll see closeups and the special BORDERS planned to compliment them.

Often as I sat drawing patterns I would imagine the quilt I would make on which to stitch them. Although this is not my main focus, I’ve published a few that you might use. Some are FREE, some are full sized and some are normal patterns.

If you know me, you won’t be surprised that I also came up with recipes for some of them. Guess which Pictogram they match!

Have fun planning your next Pictogram quilt!

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