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Decorate for the Holidays with MeadowLyon

Panto Sets under our tree

How do you decorate for the Holidays?  Do you have a Christmas Quilt in the master bedroom?  Is your family room festooned with strings of apples and garlands of holly?
Or perhaps you’ll be skiing for the Holidays at your mountain cabin decorated with homespun plaid and flannelette quilts?  If so you might want to snuggle-up with a cozy throw in front of the fireplace or display a quilt proudly over the railing on the balcony.
Enjoy these super savings as you plan your beautiful rooms.

GET $2.00 off  Singles and $5.00 off Sets

(Wow! sets already priced at 20% off) 

Through Dec. 15th!

Thanksgiving Ideas

Thanksgiving Table Topper Pictogram 20% off.thanksgiving layout

FREE PDF quilt pattern thanksgiving topper qult blurry at topFREE PDF ICE CANDLE Fall leaves ice candleChristmas Greenery Ice Candle



Nativity Set #30 Nativity Quilt by Judy Lyon and Mildred Jordtjoyful birth new Joyful Birth new panel 2

includes: Joyful Birth 11″, Camel Train & Palm Trees camel train cropped snippet Palm Trees - Border

FREE Joyful Birth PDF BlocksA Christmas Gift to you!joyful birth new color cover



Snowbird Set #36  snowbirds snippet snowbirds borders cropped short Ponderosa Pinecone - single ponderosa pine spray snippet 15

includes: Snowbirds, Snowbird Bdr, Pinecone Bdr 4.5″ & Pine Spray 9″                                                                                     

Backwoods Moose Quilt Set #5Moose - Quiltbackwoods stacked scannedPonderosa Pinecone - single

includes: Backwoods Moose Quilt, Backwoods Pictogram & Ponderosa Pinecone 4.5″   

Backwoods Pine Set #6backwoods stacked scannedPonderosa Pinecone - singleFish Tales Border

includes:Pine quilt, Backwoods 11″, Fish Tales, Pinecone Bdr.

Rustic Christmas Set #48 RUSTIC SANTA ON PLAID Rustic Grapevine Swag Potpourri cropped snippet

includes: Rustic Santas, Rustic Grapevine Swag & Potpourri                                                                                                  


Holiday Fun Set #21 silly snowmen carolers holly express Toyland - TLB - Cover

includes: Silly Snowmen, Holly Express Train 9″ (or specify 4.5″), Santa’s Flight & Toyland Blocks                                          

Christmas Set  #14 Santa's Flight sleigh and 1 reindeer reduced Symbols of the Season - SofSB - Quilt Closeup Ponderosa Pinecone - single

 includes: Santa’s Flight, PineSpray 9″ (or 4.5″), &  Symbols of the Season Blocks                                                                           

Jingle Bell Set #23 Jingle Bell Dance Jingle Bell Swag - Border    Ponderosa Pinecone - single

includes: Jingle Bell Swag, Ponderosa Pinecone Border 4.5″ & Jingle Bell Dance 8″ Or specify 11″

Deck the Halls Set #61Poinsettia cropped one flower the Holly and ivy SNIPPET Holly Berriessnippet 12-days-panel-1-reduced

includes: Poinsettia, Holly Berries or The Holly and The Ivy,  & 12 Days of Christmas                                                  

FREE 1 Piper & 1 Drummer for 12 Days Border layout. 12 Days of Christmas single piper 12 days drummer complete cropped

Sugarplum Tree Set #64    trendy trees pasteup 1 tree  sugarplums 1 repeat for mail

Includes: Trendy Trees & Sugarplums 



Santa Around the World Blocks; Bk 1 Book 1 composite no title

The European Tradition 12″

Santa Around the World Blocks: Bk 2Book 2 composite no title darkened

The Distant Lands 12
Santa Around the World Set of 2 Books 12″SANTA BOOKS

“Or Buy Separately” –

Joyful Birth  11″ or 15″Pictogram
Camel Train 8″ Bdr
Palm Trees  10″ Bdr
Ponderosa Pine Spray 9″ E2E/Bdr or 15″
Snowbirds 11″                
Snowbird Bdr 6″
Ponderosa Pinecone Bdr 4.5″ 
 Rustic Santa Borders: Yosemite w/Bears 8″ & Northwoods w/Moose 11″
Rustic Grapevine Swag Bdr 8″  
Potpourri 10″  or PDF 
Silly Snowmen 11″
Holly Express Train 9″ or 4.5 or PDF 6″
Toyland Blocks
Santa’s Flight 11″
Symbols of the Season Blks
Ponderosa Pinecone Border 4.5”
Jingle Bell Dance 11″ 
Jingle Bell Dance 8″ 
Jingle Bell Swag  5.5″ 
Int.Poinsettia  2 rows of 6″ or PDF
Holly and Ivy  9″ or PDF                     
Holly Berries  or PDF
12 Days of Christmas 11″ Pictogram   or PDF
Sugarplums 11″  or PDF
Trendy Trees 11″ or PDF

Joyful Birth Blocks  joyful birth new color cover 

Nutcracker 11″  or PDFNutcracker woods pasteup

Teddy Bear Parade 8″ or PDF Teddy Bear Parade snippet
Holly Medallion Quiltholly medallion quilt

Holly Horse 8″  BdrHolly Horse Border

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