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SSss..Spooky Autumn Sale

2014 ghost


New! Ghostly Feathers – ooOOOooo little ghosties

are coming out to play!

ghostly feathers snippet





Halloween Night – Friendly night skies with little witches and ghosts

halloween night preview




 Tornado – Dark stormy skies – perfect for Halloween.

tornado snippet





Jack O-Lanterns with Cat’s Eyes border –Light the candles and get ready for fun!

Jack O’Lanterns PDF






Funny Bones – Jumbled Skeletons

funny bones pasteupFunny bones PDF

Tree Bones 11”  – Brrr! bare branches of skeleton trees

Tree Bones Big 14Tree-Bones-1-repeat-of-scan

Pumpkin Patch 8Pumpkin Patch 8 with Little Pumpkins and Mice sashings

Pumpkin Patch 11” – Tumble into the Pumpkin Patch with corn, cats and mice.

Autumn Wind – Ooooo…the leaves are swirling in the wind.autumn wind pasteup

Autumn Wind PDF                                 Maple Breezes 11” – Maple leaves are laughing in the breeze.       Maple Breezes 15″

Maple BreezesMaple SquirrelsMaple Squirrels Border & Maple Leaf Border– Gather the nuts before Winter!    Maple Squirrels PDF

Oak Whisper 11″ – Shhh. Hear the wind whispering in the colored leaves.

Oak Whisper 15″

Oak Whispers - InterlockingOak Border & Acorns – Hear the acorns crunch on your Autumn stroll.

OAK border center view snippet

Pumpkin Kaleidoscope Wall Hanging—Comes with stitching and applique pattern.

Pumpkin Toplique - Quilt

Thanksgiving Table Topper Pictogram – a perfect hostess gift!

thanksgiving panel 4 pilgrims snippet

   Thanksgiving Table Topper Quilt pattern FREE

thanksgiving topper qult blurry at top





SEE ALSO  Ice Candle with Fall leaves instructions

Fall Leaves Ice Candle
Fall Leaves Ice Candle

OR get a bunch with the Autumn Set

MAPLE BREEZE by Judy Lyon quilted by Mildred Jordt


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