Psychedelic 10″ Edge to Edge

Can you picture the swirling colors of oil based paints floating on the surface of the water?  It’s just ready to lay a piece of paper or fabric on the surface to collect the spontaneous design.  That’s what I thought of while drawing this swirly, and very versatile design.  It will become one of your favorites.  It’s already one of mine! I recommend sliding the pattern for alternate rows although it can be rolled straight down.

If you want this pattern now, it is also available as an instant PDF download for you to print (click here), plus you get it for 20% off the price of the paper roll!

Frolic 10.5″ Interlocking

Frolic feels delightful. It’s right on the edge of onomatopoeia. It is full of life and innocent fun.  At my age I don’t think that I frolic much anymore, but I’d like to.

I remember in college “frolicking” at a leadership conference at Fish Lake in the Utah Mountains. We were all a little dizzy with lack of sleep and exciting activities. Suddenly it began to rain. And all of us ran out to dance and frolic in the raindrops.  That’s a freedom we don’t often allow ourselves as we become “grown-ups”, but the inner child in us wants to do so.  We are tempted to run through the sprinklers, or in the fountains at the park, or in the rain!

Frolic with this new pattern as you dance and swirl across a colorful quilt.  It is 10 ½ inches wide and 12 feet long.

If you noticed: this pattern has similarities to our very favorite “Psychedelic” pattern.  I took one of the motifs from that pattern.  But, “Frolic” has a shorter repeat and can roll straight down.


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Our Year In Review, On Sale For You!

I always enjoy reading the top 10 lists that start appearing at this time of year.  My family and I also always write a few of our own, remembering  the best and worst experiences of the past year.

 In that spirit of year-end reflection, I thought I should list MeadowLyon’s top 10 best and worst selling patterns of 2015.  

best worst

Our best selling patterns are also 10% off this January.  If you don’t have these yet, you will surely use them, so why not get them now?

1-star banner cropped edited snippetStar Banner    It is not hard to see why this one is so popular!  All those waving stars and stripes- I love it!

2-Psychedelic pasteup snippet Psychedelic     This pattern is so popular it is hard to keep it in stock.   Go ahead and order it if you like it, I’ll be getting more soon.  

3- Backwoods - CloseupBackwoods    A cozy backwoods quilt, a country cabin, and a roaring fire- I guess I am not the only one who thinks that is the perfect combination.

4-Funny-bones snippetFunny Bones  Yes, quilters do have a sense of humor!

5- ponderosa pine spray 9 SNIPPETPonderosa Pine Spray  One of my favorites too!  It looks great with everything!

6-spinning kokopeli Spinning Kokopelli  This one is so much fun, it’s no wonder so many people love it.

7-cloudy skies preview Cloudy Skies  This pattern is so easy and all-purpose!

8- Modern Squares 1 snippedModern Squares    I love seeing the modern masterpieces quilters create with this pattern.

9- FlowerBurstFlowerburst  This one is featured as the background of our website design.  It is also available as a 15″ pattern and a PDF.

10-maori moko bk 9 Maori Moko  Maori Moko is such a lovely pattern, it is no wonder that it is always a favorite.  It is available in multiple versions to fit any quilt design.

best worst

Of course even our “worst” patterns are still pretty amazing, they just may not appeal to as broad a range of quilters.  Maybe our 30% off sale for these patterns will help them find just the right home and get them off this list for 2016!

1- Indonesian Puppets - CloseupIndonesian Puppets If you love Indonesian Puppets, you will love this pattern.  Maybe more people should love Indonesian Puppets.

2- Didgeridoo-croppedDidgeridoo  If the Didgeridoo was just included in more orchestral scores or used in just a few rock bands I am sure this pattern would be much more popular.

3- Mayan Glyphs - WholeMayan Glyphs  Any of you have any Mayan friends? I bet they would love this pattern!

4-fleur de lis interlok Fleur-de-Lis  Spread the word, the fleur-de-lis is not just for Boy Scouts!  (What, you mean I was the only one that did not know that?)

5- Bengali Mosaic Panel 1Bengali Mosaic  I am sure there is someone out there looking for just this pattern.  If you meet them, please let them know it is here and on sale this month!

6- ski slopes snippetSki Slopes  Maybe not many quilters like to ski?

7- Egyptian PapyrusEgyptian Papyrus  These pretty, modern, and stylistic flowers would work for so many designs, not just in an Egyptian themed quilt.

8- Geisha Garden snippetGeisha Gardens  Doesn’t everybody need at least one Geisha quilt?

9- o canada snippetO Canada  It’s pretty chilly up there in Canada and I bet they need a lot of quilts.   This should be a perfect combination.

10- AnastasiaInterlocking Anastasia  This one is so lovely, I think it just must be overlooked.  You won’t pass it over, will you?