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IT’S NOT CHRISTMAS YET – IS IT??!! Don’t miss the SALE!

I haven’t had time to start any new Christmas projects but I did manage to get one beautiful UFO done last month.  I started it too long ago to make a “tutorial” but I can give you the count and directions.  (see below) I absolutely love the “Snowbirds” Pantograph and “Snowbird Borders” designs!  Don’t you?

Before I forget, here’s a special announcement. ALL our Christmas themed pantos are on sale for the coming 2 weeks. See them all on the HOME PAGE!

Including the NEW MISTLETOE PANTO. There’s a FREE Poinsettia quilt pdf too! Tout Suite! So don’t miss them!

Don’t miss this sale.! You’ll find all your favorite Christmas designs, including our new “Mistletoe” pantograph. Everything is pictured on the “Home Page.”

Every year I’m too busy to start Christmas projects ahead of time. And every year I’m scrambling to get presents ready for my family and friends. I have a LOOOng list of projects to work on. Just take a look at my UFOs. I know a lot of you plan well ahead, like even making Christmas Projects in the summer. But are there any of you who are either too busy or procrastinate like me?

You know these UFOs are old because Pizza Hut doesn’t even use that kind of box any more!! I used to go down to the corner and buy them for 25 cents each! On this subject I thought I’d check my UFO list: I have 1 Tif (top finished) , 8 SNWTY (Snooty-SQUARES NOT SEWN TOGETHER YET) , 19 WIPs (work in progress), 1 WOMBAT (waste of money, batting+ time), 5 HSYs (haven’t started yet), & 15 Brazen HSYs (bought the fabric). Honestly all the fabric I buy “IS” intended for a particular quilt. I’ve just forgotten which.

So you see why I’m so happy to finally have the Snowbirds quilt done!

Now back to the Snowbirds quilt. I like to give you tutorials, but I started this too long ago to have pictures. I do have a few left over pieces so you can see what I’ll be talking about.

Here are the requirements if you want to make one like it. Be sure to get the Snowbirds pantograph on the Christmas Sale!

Do you collect Antique Sewing Machines? Do you have a back-up sewing machine? What if your tension spring breaks? or you lose your bobbin case? Or there’s no ELECTRICITY!

Someone was asking whether I had a “back up” sewing machine. Very definitely! My first machine was a Kenmore that I received for a High School Graduation present! It was one of the best I’ve ever had!  I’ve had a couple more over the years and don’t even remember their names.  Of course, when I went to Thailand on a mission I couldn’t live without a machine so I bought one from a friend.  It was a Juki converted from treadle with a little electric motor. See it in the far left corner.

I’ve always thought it would be a good idea to have a treadle machine—just in case the electricity goes out!  So I currently have 2!  My brother has my Grandmother’s old one (boohoo)  but when we were first married I bought a REALLY old one from a little friend in Lawton OK.  It’s not much to look at, but it has the long “spindle” type bobbins!  It’s that old!

Next, my friend in Kansas gave me her mother’s machine.  It’s much more beautiful.  I use it as a base for my “holiday Tree” in the family room.

I do have my mother’s machine—a Wilcox and Gibbs factory power machine. (When she had little kids at home the factory she had sewn for in LA sent the machine home with her!)  That’s the machine I learned to sew on!  FAST & POWERFUL!!! That “attachment” on the left is a Tucking Arm.

Another friend gave me an old power (?) Machine (sitting on a shelf in my storage room.)  It’s really beautiful, isn’t it?

And, Oh yes—there’s the “once top of the line” Elna that I bought at the thrift shop for $7.00. (Did you notice that gray case at the bottom of the shelf in the last picture?)

Now I have my Pfaff that I use almost exclusively.  I think that makes 6 sewing machines that I still own!? Isn’t collecting fun!

Do you have a “back-up” machine? I’d love to hear about it!

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By for now! Hurry and get busy on your Christmas projects. Next time -some quick Halloween ideas.

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